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John Graham Housing & Services (JGHS) is asking architectural firms to submit design service proposals related to the rehabilitation of the Addison County emergency shelter at the JGH. The location of the property is 69 Main Street, Vergennes (9 units).

This proposal requires services to determine the overall feasibility of the project. Project feasibility includes determining the scope of rehabilitation works, producing schematic designs to arrive at a construction cost estimate with an independent cost estimator. Qualified applicants will have comparable experience, including historic preservation projects, knowledge of affordable housing, and experience working on publicly funded projects.

The intention of the JGH is to review the architect’s proposals and negotiate a contract with the selected firm for the pre-development design work with the intention and option of contracting with the architect selected for design development and, subject to feasibility and final environmental clearance from HUD, through the construction administration. phase of the project.

For a Request for Proposal and specific project information, contact Susan Whitmore, Executive Director, JGHS at [email protected] (802) 257-6771. Full proposals must be submitted electronically and received by 3:00 PM Thursday, November 18, 2021. A mandatory site visit will be required as outlined in the RFP. Minority-owned, female-owned, section 3 and locally owned businesses are strongly encouraged to respond and must identify and document themselves as such. The JGH is an equal opportunity employer.

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