Explore faculty rotation for similar quality of education and services across all AIIMS centers: panel to center


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New Delhi:

A parliamentary committee strongly recommended that the government take the necessary steps to treat India’s new medical science institutes on par with New Delhi’s first establishment and explore the feasibility of faculty rotation and transfer to to maintain a similar quality of teaching as well as services. The 12th report of the Estimates Commission on “Reviewing the Progress of All AIIMS” was presented to Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

He stressed that when all new AIIMS are governed by the AIIMS Law of 1956 as amended in 2012, there should be no difference in terms of financial and administrative powers delegated for the purchase of equipment and in terms of have specialties and super specialties. teaching at AIIMS-Delhi and other institutions.

He said the Department of Health and Family Welfare must strictly follow the provisions of the law regarding the appointment of the director in each new AIIMS instead of the appointment of the executive director at the head. He also advised against the appointment of anyone over the age of 65 to head administrative positions. “The Committee wishes to see AIIMS as the epitome of medical excellence that will only be possible with experienced talents coupled with physical viability, which does not seem viable with an age limit of 70 years.

The Committee strongly believed that the Ministry should not overlook the new talents and career opportunities of existing professors for the appointment to the post of Director in the new AIIMS ”, he said. Henceforth, the Committee strongly recommended that the Ministry of Health take all measures not to compromise on the qualities of the new AIIMS and to ensure the objective of the PMSSY (Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana), i.e. say increase the quality of medical education in the country and strict compliance with the provisions of the AIIMS law.

The Committee hoped that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance would take proactive steps towards the establishment of AIIMS-like institutions in each state during the next phase of the PMSSY and include it in the 15th report of the Finance Committee.

The Committee wants the ministry to reconsider requests from other states and take the necessary steps to establish an AIIMS-like institution in each state within a limited time frame, the recommendations said. The Committee strongly felt that without prescribing deadlines for each action point in the guidelines for the establishment of a new AIIMS, the ministry would not be able to monitor progress effectively and therefore advised the ministry to set prescribed deadlines for each action plan and take concerted action to adhere to it. He also urged the ministry to issue instructions / guidelines for all AIIMS to write and implement a comprehensive online medical education module for the benefit of all categories of AIIMS staff.

AIIMS-New Delhi should take the initiative and help other AIIMS to develop their own module with the built-in function of integration with different modules from other AIIMS, he said. “The committee hoped that in the event of further delay in obtaining the land authorization or any other problem, the ministry would bring it to the attention of the member of Parliament concerned so that he could discuss the matter with the government. of their respective state, “he said. declared.

The Committee recommended that the issue of road connectivity be addressed more strictly in all AIIMS and that the ministry should actively monitor the condition of the roads so that the four-lane connectivity is essentially satisfied with every AIIMS project. The Committee urged the ministry to take urgent measures to fill the vacant posts on time so that education and medical services do not suffer from the shortage of faculty posts. Even the task of reformulating the reservation list in light of the SAP quota should be speeded up so that faculty positions – both regular and contract – are filled regularly.

“The committee would also recommend that the ministry explore the possibility of expanding the scope of ‘visiting professors’ with each new AIIMS to enrich medical training and guidance until regular positions are filled,” he said. he declared. He also recommended the ministry to seize the finance ministry at the highest level to provide additional allocation according to the requirements of each AIIMS and stressed that the ministry should ensure full use of the allocation.

“The committee recommended that the ministry explore the possibility of rotating / transferring faculties from one AIIMS to another AllMS so that the quality of education as well as services in all new AIIMS are at the same level. as AIIMS New Delhi, ”the report said.

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