DVIDS – News – Fort Knox Emergency Services Launches New Internship Programs for ETSing Soldiers

FORT KNOX, Ky. – Executives from the Fort Knox Emergency Services Directorate launched two internship programs last week that will provide exiting soldiers with a unique employment opportunity.

Internship programs focus on two areas: security guards and firefighters. Officials say those who wish to enter civilian service on the same day they leave the military could do so as a security guard.

“It’s a great way for our soldiers to immediately access the GS system,” said Sgt. Major Scott Tate, DES sergeant major. “They’re already at the door to apply for GS jobs when they start as a soldier. While it is more difficult to enter through the door once outside. This is a huge advantage.

Internships for exiting soldiers are not a new idea, Tate said. He noted that in fact the Career Skills Development Center has been offering ETSing Soldiers internship programs for several years.

But the initial idea, especially for the firefighter and gatekeeper courses, came from a different direction.

“We didn’t invent the wheel,” Tate said. “My stepson is in high school, and the firefighters have a program for high school students; there are approximately five students in the high school program who achieve Level 1 certification.

“Our idea was that if they can do it for the high school students, why can’t they do it for the soldiers coming out? “

Gate guards are also currently required at Fort Knox.

“We are trying to do everything we can to increase the number of guards we have,” Tate said.

Tate said he recommended that both programs fall under his office for management to streamline the process and relieve stress for every manager.

The firefighter program represents approximately four months of training that will allow participants to achieve Level 1 certification. Due to the nature of the training, there is a limit to the number of people who can participate in a given class.

However, those who go through the experience will walk away with certifications that will make them marketable if they wish to pursue a career in three areas of firefighting – firefighter, dispatcher, and inspector – whether for the military or civilian sector.

Tate said he anticipates that the most desirable program, at least initially, will be the security guard course, which for now should see soldiers undergo initial training in about three weeks. In addition, there is no cap on the number of soldiers who can participate in the program.

“For soldiers who are planning to go out and don’t have plans, they can get certified to be a guard and if they like it we can hire them the day they start leaving for ETS,” Tate said. .

Tate said he was working with the Career Skills Development Center to publicize the latest opportunities for ETSing soldiers.

Emergency services director Lt. Col. David Little said one of their obligations is to get unit commanders to agree to release DES soldiers to participate in the programs. .

“I think the commanders will be favorable because we are not looking for soldiers who are capitulars; we’re targeting people who use ETS, ”Little said. “If they are good soldiers and have decided to leave the military, I am sure their commanders and the chain of command will want to support them.”

Little and Tate consider ETSing soldiers ideal for the guard program, as two areas that delay the process of hiring guards are background checks and security clearance. Even for soldiers who do not have a security clearance, the application process is much faster and easier.

For example, soldiers can start working as a guard almost immediately with provisional clearance while waiting for the process to complete.

“If a soldier wants to be a guard after his release and he doesn’t have a security clearance and waits to start one as a guard, it takes a lot longer – and there is no interim, ”Tate said. “So this internship is beneficial for the soldier and for us. “

Firefighter and Guard programs require secret security clearances, standards of fitness and impeccable background checks; all the requirements that many active duty soldiers already have.

Little said the two internships served another purpose as well; they ensure that the Army family continues to look for a way out.

“It’s about fulfilling the Soldier For Life promise,” Little said. “This program helps take care of soldiers because it gives them a security clearance and a well-paying government job with real benefits.”

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