DEPUTY DIRECTOR, CHIEF FINANCES NF5 job with Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS)

Major tasks

Acts as Financial Director for Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) and Deputy Director of Resource Management, Commercial and Support Services (MR) Division. Leads programming for the management of MCCS financial resources to maintain the integrity of financial management systems and exercise control over financial resources. Provides executive level financial advice to the Director and Deputy Directors, MR. Provides authoritative financial advice and guidance to MCCS directors and financial managers in Marine Corps field activities. Plans, manages and directs the execution of the Branch’s programs, formulates policies, procedures and program actions to ensure consistency with senior headquarters and a standardized orientation to components and field commands. Evaluates and formulates recommendations to enable an improvement in the functionality, methodology and quality of the program’s products and services. Directs all financial strategies and translates into organizational action. Ensures proper inspection and performance management. Ensures resource allocation and maintenance strategies for facilities. Continuous analysis of program improvement and optimization operations. Oversees the general directorates of the Finance and Shared Services Directorate.

Address the administrative, technical, logistical and protocol aspects of functions, projects, programs and events from initial design to completion and evaluation to ensure effective and efficient overall operation, cost-effective procurement methods, effective use technology and a robust communications strategy for complex high visibility Management plans that significantly affect the overall functioning and credibility of the agency. Provides expert advice and guidance on appropriate products or services for clients to define program scope, requirements and deliverables when groups have complex characteristics i.e. social contexts and diverse economic or special needs that require the combined resources of multiple divisions and agencies with conflicts, overlaps and inconsistent requirements and goals.

Consolidates top management needs and identifies, analyzes, specifies, designs and manages functional and infrastructure requirements to be translated into technical requirements used for logical design and alternative approaches to utilize technological resources and capabilities to support existing resources and future needs.

Establishes minimum standards governing program, policy, procedures and personnel. Resolves issues involving: difficult technical issues, application of new or questionable techniques and methods, additional clarifications, explanations and negotiations with the Director, MR. Provides expert explanations on the application of relevant regulatory and legal requirements to problematic situations. Establishes and ensures the development of minimum standards: for applying methods and techniques to Marine Corps operations that are new to the federal sector or locality; incorporate new services into existing programs; to establish new or expanded services for Marine Corps-wide groups, or for client groups with special problems or situations.

Reviews and evaluates proposed changes to program plans and project proposals to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, that legal and regulatory requirements are met, and to ensure that changes do not contain provisions contrary to the Basic Law .

Oversees financial planning, budgeting and allocation of all Allocated Fund (APF) and Unallocated Fund (NAF) resources based on validated, prioritized and integrated requirements, and oversees program execution. Provides overall policy and oversight of MCCS finance and accounting. Makes recommendations for processes, IT systems and configurations to support financial and accounting operations across MCCS and RM.

With the help of the Legal Department, assesses the impact of proposed legislative and regulatory changes, and how they could affect the management of MCCS resources. Reviews, develops, recommends and coordinates plans and policies for the management of MCCS resources. Directs the development of financial and accounting data, the provision of appropriate expertise and information, the obtaining of legal opinions, the preparation of position papers or legislative proposals in the development of the goals and objectives of the Corps des Marines for MR.

Plans, organizes work and manages internal processes and resources to ensure maximum productivity and economies of scale. Oversees the preparation and approves all internal and external MR financial reports and MCCS consolidated financial reports. Responsible for maintaining appropriate financial and accounting records in accordance with DoD, DoN and Marine Corps policy, as well as generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and private sector industry standards. Responsible for the preparation and approval by the Board of Directors of the annual operating and capital budgets of the MCCS.


Bachelor’s degree in accounting or financial management, or a related field appropriate to the work of the position AND ten years of experience in a financial leadership role at headquarters (policy) level, or private sector equivalent, OR an appropriate combination education and experience which demonstrates the possession of knowledge and skills equivalent to those acquired above, OR appropriate experience which demonstrates that the candidate has acquired the knowledge, skills and abilities equivalent to those acquired above. A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) or a chartered accountant (CPA) is highly preferred. Experience demonstrating: an ability to lead financial resource management programming in order to maintain the integrity of financial management systems and exercise control over financial resources; develop, coordinate and maintain an integrated system of financial personnel services which includes: centralized accounting, budgeting, financial management reporting, auditing, credit analysis and treasury; and coordinate long-term strategic planning and short-term operational budgeting Ability to deal with individuals at all levels, including congressional officials, Department of Defense officials, senior executives, senior military officials and other comparable entities. Knowledge of military command structure, mission, programs and organizational relationships. In-depth knowledge of government planning, programming and budgeting regulations, guidelines and processes. Knowledge of military principles governing MCCS operations an asset.

This position had been determined to be non-critical sensitive. As a condition of employment, the incumbent must be able to obtain and maintain a secret Access National Agency Check and Inquiries (ANACI / Tier 3) authorization to access classified information.

Eligible for progressive telework as determined by the MR / MF policy.

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