Dairy clearance sale is scheduled for Carnew Mart on Wednesday

Carnew Mart in County Wicklow is expected to hold a dairy clearance sale tomorrow, Wednesday, December 1, at 1:00 p.m.

According to a market statement, the sale will include “a complete destocking” of 75 heifers and cows calving in the spring.

Carnew Mart is organizing the sale on behalf of Mr. Pierce Power.

The herd is described as being 100% dairy and all reared by artificial insemination (AI) using “top quality bulls”.

A total of 15 heifers will be offered for sale, all expected to calve in February from an AI Aberdeen Angus bull.

In addition to the heifers, a total of 60 young cows will be offered for sale.

The cows must all calve in February and March at an AI Frisian.

The AI ​​bulls used on the farm are:

  • FR 2239;
  • Fr4438;
  • Fr2385;
  • Fr4021.

According to Carnew Mart, the herd weighs an average of 6,232 L at 4.1% fat and 3.48% protein.

Continuing, the statement emphasized, “This is a beautiful herd of cows with abundant power and size and very good structure. The herd is fully vaccinated against Lepto, BVD and IBR.

All the cows that will be offered for sale have been dry since the beginning of November and are still on the grass.

In addition, the market will also host a sale of dairy products on Thursday, December 16.

This sale will see a selection of freshly calved heifers and young cows as well as a special entry of 25 Friesian heifers calving in late January and early February.

Meanwhile, in other dairy news, domestic milk consumption by creameries and pasteurizers has been estimated at 662.5 million liters for October 2021.

This represents an increase of 2.4% compared to October 2020, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, which released its statistics on domestic milk this morning.

However, the protein content fell from 3.99% in October 2020 to 3.96% in October 2021.

And for the same period, the fat content fell from 4.71% to 4.76%.

If we look back to October 2019, we see that the fat content was 4.74% with a protein content of 3.94%.

During the period from January to October 2021, the domestic intake was estimated at 8,046.2 million liters, an increase of 6% compared to the corresponding period of 2020.

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