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GUANGZHOU, China, November 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Burning Rock Biotech Limited (NASDAQ: BNR, the “Company” or “Burning Rock”) today announced a collaboration with IMPACT Therapeutics where Burning Rock provides testing services in connection with IMPACT Therapeutics’ development of its ATR inhibitor IMP9064, which received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Investigational New Drug (IND) approval for the Phase I clinical study / II, and soon to debut in the United States. be supported by Burning Rock’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratories and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in Guangzhou, China and California, USA

IMP9064 is an ATR inhibitor discovered and developed by IMPACT Therapeutics, with worldwide intellectual property rights. In preclinical studies, IMP9064 was shown to be a very potent and selective inhibitor of ATR against other kinases. In addition, IMP9064 demonstrated high activities in several ATM-deficient cell lines and more active than the reference compound in in vivo xenograft models, which could potentially lead to a wider therapeutic window, better tolerability in the field. long-term administration as a single agent, and providing more flexibility in combination therapy. Senaparib, a PARP inhibitor developed by IMPACT Therapeutics, has been explored in several clinical studies around the world. IMP9064 in combination with Senaparib will be evaluated in this clinical study to explore the combined therapy of an ATR inhibitor and a PARP inhibitor, which is highly anticipated in the field of research on the response to damage to the disease. ‘DNA (DDR).

The two Burning Rock laboratories, located in Guangzhou, China and California, USA, have both obtained the certificate issued by the CAP and the CLIA certificate issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The certified laboratories also supported the global strategic partnership with IMPACT Therapeutics in the development of companion diagnostics (CDx) for a drug pipeline in the area of ​​synthetic lethality, including the development of Senaparib’s CDx. Please refer to the Company’s press release dated August 3, 2021 for more details on the global strategic partnership.

About IMPACT Therapeutics IMPACT Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of targeted cancer therapies based on synthetic lethality. IMPACT Therapeutics has assembled one of the world’s most comprehensive DNA damage response (DDR) pipelines of novel drug candidates generated by internal discovery efforts and expands to other novel synthetic lethality targets to expand its pipeline. Products from the IMPACT pipeline include PARP inhibitor (Senaparib / IMP4297), Wee1 inhibitor (IMP7068) and other novel inhibitors of the DDR pathway. The primary clinical program, the PARP inhibitor (Senaparib / IMP4297), is in phase II / III studies for ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, small cell lung cancer and others indications in the world, including in China. Preliminary clinical data from Senaparib demonstrated superior safety and a wider therapeutic window compared to other iPAPs. The phase I study of the Wee1 inhibitor (IMP7068) is being conducted worldwide. ATR inhibitor IMP9064 has received IND approval from the FDA to initiate clinical studies in the United States and the Hedgehog pathway inhibitor (IMP5471) has received IND approval from NMPA to initiate clinical studies in China .

For more information, please visit www.impacttherapeutics.com

About Burning Rock Burning Rock Biotech Limited (NASDAQ: BNR), whose mission is to protect life through science, focuses on the application of next generation sequencing technology (NGS) in the field of precision oncology. Its business consists of i) NGS-based therapeutic screening tests for patients with advanced cancer, with the main market share in China and more than 273,000 tissue and fluid-based tests performed. cumulatively, and ii) early detection of cancer, which has gone beyond proof-of-concept R&D into the clinical validation phase.

For more information on Burning Rock, please visit: ir.brbiotech.com.

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