Burning Rock and IMPACT Therapeutics to Provide Testing Services to …

Testing services for the development of IMP9064 will be provided by Burning Rock in the United States and China in conjunction with IMPACT Therapeutics

FREMONT, California: The tests help in the diagnosis and staging of cancer, as well as in determining treatment options and monitoring response to treatment. They also help determine the therapeutic response and prognosis. Burning Rock Biotech Limited has worked with IMPACT Therapeutics, where Burning Rock will provide testing services as part of IMPACT Therapeutics’ development of its ATR inhibitor IMP9064, which has received New Drug Research (IND) approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) for the Phase I / II clinical study and will begin shortly in the United States. Burning Rocks CLIA and CAP laboratories in Guangzhou, China, and California, United States, will support the partnership.

IMPACT Therapeutics discovered and developed the ATR inhibitor IMP9064, which has intellectual property rights worldwide. The ATR inhibitor IMP9064 has been shown to be very effective in preclinical studies and selective for ATR kinase. As a result, IMP9064 exhibited strong activity in ATM-deficient cell lines and in vivo xenograft models, which could lead to a wider therapeutic window, better tolerance in long-term treatment as a single agent. and greater flexibility in combination therapy. Clinical trials of IMPACT Therapeutics’ PARP inhibitor, Senaparib, have taken place around the world. The combination of an ATR inhibitor and a PARP inhibitor is highly anticipated in DNA damage response (DDR) research.

CAP and CLIA certificates were awarded to Burning Rock Laboratories in Guangzhou, China and California, respectively, and both laboratories were inspected and certified (CMS). Certified laboratories have also assisted IMPACT Therapeutics’ global strategic partnership in the development of CDx for a pipeline of lethal synthetic pharmaceuticals, including the development of Senaparib’s CDx.

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