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Each department is responsible for a specific phase of the project. Clear integration keeping us focused and organized for more effective interaction.

Every hour

our Analyst Team explores different sources and replenishes the List of Threats...

... as a new malware appears dozens of times every day

Our Support Team is available 24/7

They help users to scan & clean their computers from infection...

... in severe cases connecting remotely

Every week

Our Developer Team releases a new and improved version of the product.

GridinSoft team is a group of professionals who enjoy working and do it enthusiastically.


Every one of us is committed to the company's mission - provide reliable computer security product for protection against all kinds of malicious software. And if you're ready to share our values, we will be glad to see you among us.

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The pleasure of self-realization in GridinSoft

  • Flexible schedule
  • Decent pay
  • Stable income
  • Happy team
  • Wise mentors
  • Available goodies
  • Gym and vitamins
  • Interesting projects
  • Freedom of expression
  • Pride for the achievements

Welcome to our happy team!

Tedious routine on a normal work :(

  • Eternal lack of sleep
  • Low salary
  • Insecurity
  • Gloomy employees
  • Narcissistic bosses
  • Constant hunger
  • Spoiled health
  • Boring routine
  • Dull dress code
  • Moral pressure

Become the first unhappy employee in GridinSoft *

* We will satisfy your most bizarre requests :)

The recruitment to GridinSoft company is open

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Malware Analyst
Malware Analyst
  • Ability to program in C / C ++ (if you have a Python skills - we want you here right now!);
  • Knowledge of Windows architecture, the structure of NE and PE files;
  • Fast learning skills in operation with new technologies, software, file formats;
  • Creative approach, ability to tailor solutions;
  • Technical English.
  • Analysis of different objects to identify their functionality and harmfulness;
  • Adding to the database of descriptions for malicious objects.
Delphi Software Developer
Desired requirements:
  • A Bachelor or Master of Science degree in Computer Science and / or 5 years of experience in software development and testing;
  • Experience developing software applications in Delphi;
  • 3-5 years experience in creating and using SQL databases to store and search data.
  • Design and develop software products;
  • Perform software verification and validation;
  • Perform research to design new features to detect and test current and rising threats;
  • Perform other work as assigned by company management.
Content Manager
What tasks will you face:
  • prepare material for investigated threats for further posting on company websites and blogs;
  • look for the correct topics that have not yet been covered in our almanacs;
  • fill blogs with cybersecurity news and technology information;
  • keep up-to-date with newest reports and maintain our products.
  • experience in writing technical texts;
  • confident knowledge of English;
  • ability to check the result of their work;
  • adequacy and willingness to help users.
"I feel blessed to work here, in GridinSoft, and improve my skills daily. It is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to have practical knowledge in virus analytics. A top-notch company which really takes the growth and development of its employees to heart. I am absolutely happy!"
Vladislav Baglay
Chief Analyst
"There are plenty of possibilities to work in competitive environment side-by-side with very motivated people. My coworkers are intelligent coders, virus analysts and developers. Several jobs I've had before made me upset with no impact. Thankfully, that is in the past. I've achieved a lot and still have where to move."
Andrei Gavryuk
Software Engineer
"It is great to be among people working in IT and creating such a brilliant product. When you do something and it works, you get stamina to go further, to improve the outcomes more and more... Management makes it fun and easy to work all day long. I do recommend newbies to join our firm company and try it out."
Polina Lisovska
"Have you ever tried to investigate malware features playing table tennis in the office? That is what we are doing here! New ideas are discussed while having brunch or taking a break near the coffee machine. Leaderships are not the distant creatures, they are people who seat nearby ready to listen to new suggestions and help if needed. I feel supported and professionally challenged."
Elena Slavko
QA Engineer
"Here is the place to find the positive work-life balance to have happy hours as well as work hard. Being an outgoing and social person, I've found fun young environment to work with. Indeed, there are loads of perks we are glad to have like team building meetings, free catering, sport events to get a high energy splash, and so on. "
Tatiana Fantukh
Web & Software Designer