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We provide free reports on scanning user files for viruses. If you believe that your file ended up with us by mistake, please contact our support service to have it removed from public access.

2024-05-17 12:26:22 Clean 2fa6f2b3113c126ad034ee29efad628b7bc5c66a5b10c7002b7ae5c24d0cd7fd
2024-05-17 12:26:21 Clean fc642ac83d24e1a28003a306fe8596a4fc9d0281c68fa73be633d2c96af552ec
2024-05-17 12:23:56 Clean c7343df34a196ab643130de666b93ced7114b958d38381619aa63c3b427d920d
2024-05-17 12:23:45 Clean aee4ef211bb1b30bf4b7f7042fe828069db429363c20b420199b1bbfb4a39409
2024-05-17 12:22:22 Clean 30ba32067ae007dbb72bd27766302ee4ac7a3c6c7ac8dc88425a3729875df638
2024-05-17 12:12:40 Clean b8c222f5d4d8823ca7ac1ad5cbc27b609001f4f472f7fa86f2c591de0ddd745c
2024-05-17 12:12:18 Suspicious eb3bd77030e115c1fac3d904110f9ca2e19feab67ff737b05bd78b67bc63643c
2024-05-17 12:08:41 Clean b011880e59f36db338131f577dadaf2476cc27bf54dd9ab3f1112bf410a0eac6
2024-05-17 12:03:57 Clean 5ac91fd1dfb519cc86fb8628e3cf0b0fd9bbf3eb62a35b7e7d1d5dd80537717c
2024-05-17 12:02:25 717c20f1e4f5925c103b80832f80ab2079ca22d09df089dbf9d835ac0a1a63e9
2024-05-17 11:56:10 Clean 250eb64ceff65067675706a656e169068084f093f5928f86ee96e316d9c9262c
2024-05-17 11:52:33 Suspicious 6439b18834bc0b0055fb1e33b41ba6de3930fe7143676188694d41ac79a65b25
2024-05-17 11:51:49 Clean 6ce8fb1aa483f3d52c30db00e37847fec5bd642701fee7d3129ab0a259f4cc77
2024-05-17 11:51:20 Clean 5aed8ce9f23eb8a1e11307b641186909aa9a4f41680350db524ea975bd585cb6
2024-05-17 11:51:13 Clean 5c9077c8c33ec907c2ac49aa889fa48200a8edbd1de280a25972acca089e181f
2024-05-17 11:51:04 Clean 1f0b80db162ebdb0b1c84e57fca2396aaa5b477b62dee570ad69ef2321116fef
2024-05-17 11:46:24 Clean 5f2754809ff0cc338a5b2d86c988fcff87644784bc30e8f5d6e18ff8c83bf3b1
2024-05-17 11:22:55 Clean d7723c465130bde0ebed9cf3e6d4e948e12177e54a1bf229f3d7ad3af0c34ce8
2024-05-17 11:06:52 Clean b9075bf7a9cbc9d0a20379d40d00fb5b7f6e8128f726939a6b63ae8ba97d58e4
2024-05-17 11:00:32 7df798c0671cfef1e4970f2cc8430d5650880048783eba1adfd6fd24954d6cb8

Website Scan Reports

We provide domain scanning reports based on the technologies embedded in our antivirus products. If you believe you've encountered a false positive detection, you can report here.

2024-05-17 12:20:16 Clean
2024-05-17 12:14:16 Distributes Malware or Unwanted File Download
2024-05-17 12:13:32 Suspicious Website
2024-05-17 12:04:37 Browser Notification Spam
2024-05-17 11:37:34 Clean
2024-05-17 11:36:23 Clean
2024-05-17 11:10:47 Clean
2024-05-17 11:09:11 Clean
2024-05-17 10:52:55 Clean
2024-05-17 10:43:25 Clean
2024-05-17 10:12:50 Clean
2024-05-17 10:08:53 Distributes Malware or Unwanted File Download
2024-05-17 08:49:33 Suspicious Website
2024-05-17 08:47:27 Clean
2024-05-17 06:37:32 Distributes Malware or Unwanted File Download
2024-05-17 06:36:33 Distributes Malware or Unwanted File Download
2024-05-17 06:04:27 Clean
2024-05-17 05:57:32 Clean
2024-05-17 05:31:38 Clean
2024-05-17 05:31:21 Clean
CH ⇠ Clark horton 💬
🕓 May 13, 2024

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DS ⇠ Dawn Seniow 💬
🕓 May 13, 2024

How can I get the name of host/owner ?

HA ⇠ Hayne 💬
🕓 May 13, 2024

it pays so it is legit

JO ⇠ Joe 💬
🕓 May 12, 2024

Their company is called Ark Shaw Limited out of UK, in August 2023 they filed an asset sheet with the Govt showing 6777 pounds. All of the sudden 8 months later they have 3 mining operations in Brazil, Kazakhstan and Namibia? Something doesn't add up. My thought here is, they will cycle out payments, until they have enough $ and then sweep the table.

MR ⇠ Mangaldip ruidas 💬
🕓 May 12, 2024

Give me money and help me 😭😭😭

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